A dynamically engaging communicator, Preston Centuolo naturally speaks right to the heart of youth, helping them see beyond pressing obstacles to seize their own unique purpose. For over two decades, Preston has tirelessly shared his inspiring story with young people around the world. His words resonate with youth struggling to find balance in an increasingly chaotic, high pressure, information-overload age. A masterful storyteller, Preston’s message offers a fresh outlook, helping youth find renewed hope and direction in spite of pressing circumstances. He expertly addresses common issues facing youth and demystifies confusing, mixed messages that come from all directions in today’s technological era.


Preston’s vision is to reignite hope for a bright future in the lives of young people. Preston wants every young person to recognize they have immeasurable, irrevocable purpose and value no matter what their past or present circumstances. These special gifts and even their struggles can be transformed into platforms of success. He wants to diffuse societal messages misconstruing success and challenge young people to chase after meaningful, authentic dreams as specially-made individuals.


“Preston’s ability to share hope and love for young people is phenomenal. So many kids had a spark in their eyes reignited because they saw so much of themselves in him.”
-School social worker

“After you spoke to us I felt like I could actually be somebody.”

“Preston’s presentation was highly engaging and very relevant to our youth today. His spellbinding message through stories and music engaged every single student 100% of the time. He spoke about the challenges of growing up and the difficult choices they face as teenagers as well as being true to oneself. His humor created a safe and encouraging environment that allowed the students to feel inspired and challenged.”